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Le 33 mai is a contemporary art gallery in the heart of Île Saint Louis. The gallery presents duo exhibitions, a painter or photographer and a sculptor. Exhibitions are meant to be rich and open; they are in a way the reflection of what we are: an attraction for diversity, the search for a multiple and limitless artistic escape, provided that it surprises us and touches us.

Le 33 mai gallery is above all a place of exchange and sharing where it is essential to bring art and all kind of Art to life through multiple projects that bring meaning and emotion. We therefore regularly present readings by authors, conferences, musical performances, screenings of documentaries, classic films or auteur films.

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Le 33 mai gallery is also the organization of artistic events in the west of Paris, and the desire to bring art to life in companies, institutions and through multiple projects that bring meaning and emotion.

What's going on @ the Gallery Le 33 mai?

The “Carte Blanche” from the Gallery May 33 defines the occasional collaboration between the gallery and independent art curators. The intention is to open the selection to other artistic visions and to offer art lovers and collectors an original creative capsule. While an “Hors les Murs” exhibition must adapt its selection to its environment, the “Carte blanche” model reverses the roles. It is a space which is made available to external stakeholders, accessible to all, where the dialogue between the parties is based on a collective and collaborative consensus. 

Le 33 mai welcomes independent curator Charles Tragarz / TRAG’ART with a selection of 10 artists and around thirty works, from September 2 to 30. The selection includes several media such as photography, painting, installation and design objects.

I called on Charles in order to offer an artistic vision outside of mine. Usually, my exhibitions are designed as a duo of artists, painter or photographer and sculptor, according to my personal favorites. My selection is eclectic with a wide variety of artists, inspirations, media, backgrounds. Surprise, always, but paying particular attention to the coherence and harmony between the two artists. It is often said that the exhibitions on May 33 follow one another but are not the same. Still with this in mind, it seemed interesting to me to bring an outside perspective but with a similar vision, that of diversity. I really liked the selection of artists and works proposed by Charles based on his own favorites and reflect his dynamism and singularity. Ten artists will be presented in two sessions, one dedicated to photography, the other to painting and installations. I particularly like group exhibitions, they are very rich and bring collective emulation which is essential to open-mindedness and curiosity."


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